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Family planning advice as a special field

Thyroid gland ‘fine tuning’

One of Professor Wüster’s special fields is family planning advice. This is undertaken in the form of advice outside of the invasive measures that are performed at expert centres in Mainz such as the Kinderwunschzentrum Mainz (Mainz family planning centre), Dr Emig,, or Mainz University Hospital,

Couples who want to have children are often left feeling completely insecure or desperate due to many years of unsuccessful trying. In this case, we attempt to clarify the facts and myths in an exhaustive discussion. The couple’s medical history is then analysed completely and both undergo a physical examination. Corresponding hormone tests, particularly of the thyroid gland, the gonads and the pituitary gland functions, are conducted on both partners. A spermiogram complying with the WHO standard is carried out on the man.

Precise ‘fine tuning’ of the thyroid gland, in particular, leads to significantly better fertility. This can be done quickly thanks to speedy determination of the laboratory values in our in-house laboratory. This leads to more stable conditions and better implantation results in IVF patients coming from the IVF centres.

Any measures required to achieve ovulation or implantation are discussed with the couples and necessary hormone therapy is carried out. Performing invasive hormone therapy is left up to the family planning centres.

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Veröffentlichung Endokrinologie und Osteologie in der Hausarztpraxis Endokrinologie und Osteologie in der Hausarztpraxis
Im renommierten Fachverlag Springer ist das neue Buch von Prof. Dr. Dr. Wüster erschienen. Unter dem Titel „Endokrinologie und Osteologie in der Hausarztpraxis, Leitfaden für die tägliche Patienten-Versorgung“ finden Interessierte praxisnahe Hinweise zur hausärztlichen Patientenversorgung in der Endokrinologie und Osteologie. Auch wenn das Buch an erster Stelle die Hausarztpraxen adressiert, so richtet es sich darüber hinaus auch an bestimmte Fachärzte (Internisten, Gynäkologen, Urologen, Orthopäden, Rheumatologen, Pädiater) sowie an Medizinstudenten, erfahrene MFA und Physiotherapeuten.
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