Mon, Tues and Thurs: 8 am–12.30 pm and 2–6 pm, Weds and Fri: 8 am–2 pm

We focus on our patients at the hormone & metabolism centre

Our philosophy

At Hormon- und Stoffwechselzentrum Prof. Wüster MVZ GmbH, the focus is on our patients. We are there for all patients, and all patients are treated equally by us. For us, appreciation and consideration form the basis for trust in our relationship with our patients – because that is the foundation for successful medical treatment.

We work as a team: Prof. Christian Wüster is an internal medicine specialist focusing on endocrinology, diabetology and osteology (DVO). Dr Katrin Zimmermann is an internal medicine specialist. Dr Heike Reh-Eisele is a general medicine specialist. Alex Klaeser is a internal medicine specialist and is undergoing further training as an endocrinologist and diabetologist.

Thea Hochgesand is our practice manager. 15 physician’s assistants, 2 medical laboratory technicians, 2 communication specialists, 2 secretaries and several students also work in various areas throughout the practice.

Patients are allocated randomly to the various physicians or departments and also according to free time slots and the patients’ desired appointment times.

The practice has three DXA devices for measuring bone density. Sonography is carried out on five different ultrasound devices. The majority of hormones are determined in our in-house analysis laboratory.

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Veröffentlichung Endokrinologie und Osteologie in der Hausarztpraxis Endokrinologie und Osteologie in der Hausarztpraxis
Im renommierten Fachverlag Springer ist das neue Buch von Prof. Dr. Dr. Wüster erschienen. Unter dem Titel „Endokrinologie und Osteologie in der Hausarztpraxis, Leitfaden für die tägliche Patienten-Versorgung“ finden Interessierte praxisnahe Hinweise zur hausärztlichen Patientenversorgung in der Endokrinologie und Osteologie. Auch wenn das Buch an erster Stelle die Hausarztpraxen adressiert, so richtet es sich darüber hinaus auch an bestimmte Fachärzte (Internisten, Gynäkologen, Urologen, Orthopäden, Rheumatologen, Pädiater) sowie an Medizinstudenten, erfahrene MFA und Physiotherapeuten.
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