Growth disorders

Multiple causes, burdensome effect

Growth disorders and short stature are extremely stressful for those affected. Short stature is defined as a height below the so-called 10th percentile. It is important to check if there is a stagnation of growth.

Possible causes of growth disorders:

  • Genetic defects, metabolic defects.
  • Chronic diseases (including anemia, chronic renal dysfunction)
  • Hormonal causes (including too much cortisone in the blood, hypothyroidism, deficiency of growth hormones, receptor defects)
  • After chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • In case of nutritional diseases

It is also important to measure the bone age using x-rays. This can best be detected and measured on the left hand.

A genetically engineered human growth hormone is available as a therapy. When taken, it leads to normal body size. IGF-1 can now also be prescribed as a therapy.

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