Hair loss

The result of a hormone disorder?

Hair loss is a common symptom and very distressing for patients. The causes are manifold. It is important to know that hair loss usually develops three months after damage to the hair roots.

A distinction is made between circular, diffuse and androgenetic hair loss. Circular hair loss, mostly caused by negative stress, is an autoimmune disease of the hair roots and thus not caused by a hormone disorder. However, concomitant hormonal disorders are often found in patients with circular or total hair loss.

Diffuse hair loss can be caused by stress, nutrition or medication. But sometimes hair loss also occurs due to a hormonal disorder. Most often it is then due to a disorder of the thyroid glands (over- and underfunction).

Androgenetic hair loss occurs when women produce too many male hormones. In men, androgenetic hair loss is physiological.

Circular and diffuse hair loss are treated with hormone therapy, androgenetic hair loss with anti-androgenic drugs.

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